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Choose Yourself Financial is an independent, subscription-based publisher of financial and entrepreneurial information that is dedicated to helping millions of people around the world choose themselves.

Founded by James Altucher in 2014, Choose Yourself Financial produces a steady stream of unbiased research to more than 50,000 paid subscribers seeking an edge in a wide variety of sectors and market conditions.

Choose Yourself Financial builds and develops products that help people in search for improving their financial, physical and emotional self.

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We’re living in a new generation of employment. The corporate system that most people thought they were safe in is ending. It’s dying. Today, it’s no longer a choice of “should I be an entrepreneur or an employee?” We’re all entrepreneurs. And our product is ourselves. Our time. Our energy. Our dedication and commitment. Click here to learn More >>

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Investing in small value stocks has been the source of several fortunes. In fact, several of the world’s most successful investors began their career taking advantage of the bargains found in smaller stocks. These are the same types of stocks that Wall Street ignores, that we want to focus on and are likely to be the source of similar life changing profits in the future. Click here to learn More >>