James Altucher James Altucher

James Altucher has run a nine figure Venture Capital fund, a hedge fund, a fund of hedge funds, and is currently invested in over 30 private angel investments.

Some of his bestselling books related to finance include "Trade Like a Hedge Fund" (voted book of the year by "The Stock Trader's Almanac"), "Trade Like Warren Buffett", and the "Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth".

He's written over 18 books on finance and personal development. He's written columns for The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, and many other publications as well as appeared 100s of times on CNBC and Fox Business. A financial news site he developed, Stockpickr.com attracted millions of unique visitors and was acquired by TheStreet.com for $10 million.

His podcast, The James Altucher Show, gets millions of downloads per month and he's had guests on ranging from Mark Cuban, Peter Thiel, Arianna Huffington, Sara Blakely, Steve Case, and hundreds of other successful entrepreneurs and peak performers.

He has personally traded or invested in many styles of investing ranging from venture investing, statistical arbitrage, convertible arbitrage, value investing, activist investing, PIPEs, merger arbitrage, and many other styles of trading.

Who Loses the Most in Eviction Moratoriums?

The CDC just announced it wants to extend the eviction moratorium until December 31. I agree with this. If your city requires you to lock down, they need to pay you for that. But the problem is: Who will bear the burden of this moratorium?

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Locking in 40% Gains from Upwork

It took a day to get there, but Upwork (UPWK) shares surged higher this morning triggering our first sell at a 40% gain.

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Portfolio Update: Navigating Election Season

Stay the course…

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Bitcoin in Holding Pattern as Gold and Stocks Fall, Dollar Strengthens

Depending on the outcome of the election, we could potentially see a windfall for safe haven assets gold and bitcoin...

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New Trade Alert: The Art (and Craft) of Playing Trends

Your next two AlphaBrain Gold trades are waiting inside!

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Corner Office Confidential

Every time I talk to DraganFly CEO Cameron Chell, I get more and more excited about this company.

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New Trade Alert: Driving into the Electronic Vehicle Market

This week's Secret Income recommendation is a play on Spartan Energy Acquisition Corporation (SPAQ).

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Knowing When to Say Yes: A Checklist

This checklist is only two questions, but the answers together ALWAYS tell me if something is worth saying yes to.

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Portfolio Update: September Expiration

Expiration is upon us again. Lucky for us, we don’t have to take any action.

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Portfolio Update: Is Market Weakness Signaling a Crash?

The stock market has been struggling the past few days. Does that portend a major reversal — or something else?

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Sell Alert: Time to Leave the Party

Plus, BGFV hit our first two triggers in an hour...

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New Trade Alert: Your Bonus AlphaBrain Gold Trade Is Inside

Rather than chase a trade, I’d rather reset and go again...

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Federal Reserve Announces Aggressive Measures Through 2023

Yesterday, the U.S. Federal Reserve announced plans to keep interest rates near 0% until inflation remains consistently above 2% for a period of time. The latest announcement reflects the Fed’s determination to keep deflation, rather than inflation, in check.

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Sell Alert: Exiting Mattel Inc.

Action to take inside...

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New Trade Alert: Toying Around with Mattel Inc.

AlphaBrain has identified a pattern in Mattel Inc. (MAT).

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Z Hit Our First Trigger… in Under 10 Minutes!

If you were fast-fingered on the trade this morning, you’ve already sold 50%.

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New Trade Alert: Playing the Patterns

This week’s small- and large-cap opportunities inside...

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New Trade Alert: Playing this International Cannabis Powerhouse

This week's Secret Income recommendation is a play on Village Farms (VFF).

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Your Weekly Digest ― September 11, 2020

Before we get into our weekly recap, I wanted to make sure you saw the exciting announcement our Publisher Doug Hill recorded.

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