James Altucher James Altucher

James Altucher has run a nine figure Venture Capital fund, a hedge fund, a fund of hedge funds, and is currently invested in over 30 private angel investments.

Some of his bestselling books related to finance include "Trade Like a Hedge Fund" (voted book of the year by "The Stock Trader's Almanac"), "Trade Like Warren Buffett", and the "Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth".

He's written over 18 books on finance and personal development. He's written columns for The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, and many other publications as well as appeared 100s of times on CNBC and Fox Business. A financial news site he developed, Stockpickr.com attracted millions of unique visitors and was acquired by TheStreet.com for $10 million.

His podcast, The James Altucher Show, gets millions of downloads per month and he's had guests on ranging from Mark Cuban, Peter Thiel, Arianna Huffington, Sara Blakely, Steve Case, and hundreds of other successful entrepreneurs and peak performers.

He has personally traded or invested in many styles of investing ranging from venture investing, statistical arbitrage, convertible arbitrage, value investing, activist investing, PIPEs, merger arbitrage, and many other styles of trading.

How to Profit from Instant Moonshots

This week, I’d like to address the elephant in the room: How to shape a portfolio to capitalize on these trends.

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Exit Alert: An Important Lesson from PDFS

When the situation changes, your opinion should change. The market gives you no bonus points for being stubborn to avoid admitting being wrong.

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Exit Alert: The Fix is In

Weighing risk vs. reward on Stitch Fix (NASDAQ: SFIX).

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Sell Alert: 88% Gains from WORK

AlphaBrain did all the work, and we'll reap all the benefits.

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New Trade Alert: Moonshot Potential in Virgin Galactic

Space: the final frontier.

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Your Weekly Digest ― February 14, 2020

We’ll be back on Tuesday with fresh alerts. Enjoy the long weekend!

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How to Change Your Perspective to Change Your Life

Everything changed in my life at age 49. I started a charity. I wrote a screenplay. I developed products I am proud of. I advise a TV show. I co-produced another show. I tripled my podcast. I made many new friends. I started to care less about “likes.” About who hates me. About pleasing everyone. What was different about 49 than my other 48 years on the planet? A lot of things. But maybe most importantly, my perspective. Here are the lessons I learned that changed my life.

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Portfolio Update: Two Holdings Smash Wall Street’s Estimates

We’re still neck-deep in earnings season, but with the coronavirus keeping China on lockdown and the Democratic primaries in full swing, many in the media have forgotten that this is one of the busiest times of the quarter for public companies.

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Self-Driving Cars: An $8 Trillion Opportunity

The market for autonomous vehicles is slowly reaching a crossroads.

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New Trade Alert: Sights Set on Target

Today’s selection appears illogical enough to make it the logical choice...

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Why “Selling Out” is the No. 1 Path to Success

I was AFRAID to monetize my podcast. I thought it meant that I would be "selling out" and that the people I respected would stop respecting me. But I was wrong. There are a lot of ways to monetize a podcast. Here’s everything I know. Plus, an interview with the hosts of the mega-popular podcast Small Town Murder.

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Sell Alert: Locking in a 19% Gain from Activision

Even small wins can be satisfying, especially when they look like they will turn out to be losers. That's the case with Activision Blizzard Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI).

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New Trade Alert: Tightening Up Our Income

We’re going to take advantage of Wall Street’s short-sightedness to deposit some instant income into our accounts.

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How Tragedy and Disaster Created This Popular Comedy Podcast

For this month’s issue of The Altucher Report (coming out next week), I interviewed hosts from some of today’s most popular podcasts. Rebecca Smith is the creator and host of The Alarmist, a historical commentary show where she dissects (with humor) some of history’s greatest tragedies and disasters—from the Burr-Hamilton duel to “Megxit”—and decides who’s to blame. Check out our interview.

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Bitcoin the Safehaven, Bitcoin the Usable Tool

Bitcoin rocketed higher for two reasons.

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Sell Alert: Round Two with AlphaBrain Profits

What's better than one profit-taking sell alert today? How about two?

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Exit Alert: Posting Big Income from TWTR

Twitter pleased Wall Street this morning with strong revenue and user growth. Let’s lock in a winner.

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Sell Alert: Money in the Bank

Let’s lock down a massive gain in Deutsche Bank (NYSE: DB)...

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New Trade Alert: Wall Street Can’t Stop Western Union

A week ago, most of Wall Street was frozen with fear over the progression of the coronavirus and the idea that global commerce would soon come to a grinding halt…

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