James Altucher James Altucher

James Altucher has run a nine figure Venture Capital fund, a hedge fund, a fund of hedge funds, and is currently invested in over 30 private angel investments.

Some of his bestselling books related to finance include "Trade Like a Hedge Fund" (voted book of the year by "The Stock Trader's Almanac"), "Trade Like Warren Buffett", and the "Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth".

He's written over 18 books on finance and personal development. He's written columns for The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, and many other publications as well as appeared 100s of times on CNBC and Fox Business. A financial news site he developed, Stockpickr.com attracted millions of unique visitors and was acquired by TheStreet.com for $10 million.

His podcast, The James Altucher Show, gets millions of downloads per month and he's had guests on ranging from Mark Cuban, Peter Thiel, Arianna Huffington, Sara Blakely, Steve Case, and hundreds of other successful entrepreneurs and peak performers.

He has personally traded or invested in many styles of investing ranging from venture investing, statistical arbitrage, convertible arbitrage, value investing, activist investing, PIPEs, merger arbitrage, and many other styles of trading.

Portfolio Update: Xilinx Gets a Bump from AMD

Let’s see how this plays out…

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New Trade Alert: Attractive Income on Complexity

This week's Secret Income recommendation is a play on Palantir Technologies (PLTR).

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The 3 Keys to Well-Being

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but as you get older and have more responsibilities, money buys you freedom, time and convenience to take care of those responsibilities. Well-being has three components…

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[Altucher’s Angels] Your First Private Deal is Enclosed

Your first private investment deal is ready!

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Private Dealbook: The Tiny Company Dominating the $25.6 Billion Pandemic Drone Market

This is hands-down one of the most exciting tech investments I have ever seen.

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DealMaker Walkthrough: Step-By-Step Instructions for Investing in This Private Deal

Welcome to our first private deal! I’m sure you’re anxious to get started. Luckily, DraganFly made the investing process pretty straightforward by using the DealMaker platform. We know this is a big deal. So we want to make sure you have everything you need to successfully invest. That’s why we recorded a brief walkthrough of...

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[Altucher's Angels] We're Just Hours Away From the First Deal

Dan walked into my office and said, “I think I have an investing opportunity.” It was early 2001 and I was running a $125 million venture capital fund. It was almost 20 years ago and I had no clue what I was doing. I had a Defender arcade game in my office. When people think...

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Corner Office Confidential

Every time I talk to DraganFly CEO Cameron Chell, I get more and more excited about this company.

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Quickstart Guide to Private Investing

Welcome to Altucher’s Angels, an exclusive private deal investing service available only to Alliance members. You may be brand new to the world of private market investing, but that’s okay. This Quickstart Guide will make sure you hit the ground running.

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[Altucher's Angels] First Deal Hits Tomorrow!

How private investing literally saved James Altucher’s life.

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Institutional Investors Are Eyeing Bitcoin

The managers of hedge funds, pension funds, and endowments are increasingly looking at cryptocurrency as a potential investment opportunity, according to new research by startup Evertas.

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Sell Alert: Bidding Farewell to MARA

Shares are rallying today...

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Sell Alert: Orion Shoots for the Stars

Double-digit gains in an hour...

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New Trade Alert: Looking Past Washington Politics

Despite the headlines, my algorithm has found two new opportunities.

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PLUG Hits our 80% Trigger

Congrats on another double trigger winner!

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Taking Profits on LTHM, BE and BBY

We hit both our triggers in LTHM… and we’re closing out both BE and BBY.

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PLUG Hits the Mark

Plug Power (PLUG) shares soared higher this morning, triggering our 40% sell trigger.

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Portfolio Update: Politics in the Stock Market

The next four weeks are going to be about presidential politics all the time…

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