James Altucher James Altucher

James Altucher has run a nine figure Venture Capital fund, a hedge fund, a fund of hedge funds, and is currently invested in over 30 private angel investments.

Some of his bestselling books related to finance include "Trade Like a Hedge Fund" (voted book of the year by "The Stock Trader's Almanac"), "Trade Like Warren Buffett", and the "Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth".

He's written over 18 books on finance and personal development. He's written columns for The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, and many other publications as well as appeared 100s of times on CNBC and Fox Business. A financial news site he developed, Stockpickr.com attracted millions of unique visitors and was acquired by TheStreet.com for $10 million.

His podcast, The James Altucher Show, gets millions of downloads per month and he's had guests on ranging from Mark Cuban, Peter Thiel, Arianna Huffington, Sara Blakely, Steve Case, and hundreds of other successful entrepreneurs and peak performers.

He has personally traded or invested in many styles of investing ranging from venture investing, statistical arbitrage, convertible arbitrage, value investing, activist investing, PIPEs, merger arbitrage, and many other styles of trading.

Most Networking Advice Is Terrible

Connecting people who can benefit each other is the most useful skill you can have on the entrepreneurial ladder of skills. Some people are great at it. I’m horrible at it. But I want to be better. So I asked Derek Coburn, author of “Networking Is Not Working,” to share his advice…

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Portfolio Update: Cresco Tops Expectations

Now’s the time to be aggressively buying cannabis…

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New Trade Alert: We Outsmarted UBER!

Today’s update directly affects our portfolio ― with one sell alert, one buy alert. Let’s get right to it…

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Sell Alert: Three Winners Coming Your Way

Congratulations on locking in three winners today!

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New Trade Alert: AlphaBrain Hits the Jackpot

AlphaBrain moved today’s name to the top of the list as a key breakout candidate with options that could double in the next month.

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New Trade Alert: Playing the Esports Megatrend

The esports market in China is valued at $3 billion-plus ― and we’re going to play the game…

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My 5 Rules of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a sentence of failures punctuated by brief successes. I’m invested in more than two dozen private companies. I’ve advised probably another 50-plus private companies. I’ve sat on boards for private and public companies, ranging in revenues from $0 to $1 billion. Along the way I’ve compiled a list of rules that help me deal when I feel ready to throw in the towel.

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Portfolio Update: August Expiration

To call this last month volatile may be the understatement of the year ― and we're just barely past the halfway point.

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Making Sense of the “Recession!” Headlines

The bold among us can use this situation to their advantage…

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New Trade Alert: SNAP, Crackle, Profits

AlphaBrain signals a buy for augmented reality...

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Lifetime Members Only: Your Exclusive Video Update

Your exclusive video update is here! I review some of the books I’m currently reading. Here’s what I’ve learned about breaking away from a narcissist... the self-employment economy… and how genomics will change the future...

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Exit Alert: Final Profits from VFF

For exclusive Lifetime members: Let’s sell the remainder of our call position in Village Farms (NASDAQ: VFF) for a solid gain.

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Portfolio Update: Swimming in Potential Profits

We’re taking a look at a few names in our portfolio that are proving to be sure-fire winners.

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New Trade Alert: A Backdoor Play on Canopy

We’ve nailed down a backdoor play into Canopy that Wall Street has overlooked…

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New Trade Alert: Another Ride with Cars.com

With the market overreacting, this is a great time to jump back in on Cars.com (NYSE: CARS).

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5 Lessons on Creativity From a Hollywood Mega-Producer

Curiosity is the key to creativity. Ask questions. Get answers. Find inspiration. Life is filled with stories. With sources for creativity. You just have to know how to find them. Here's a short summary of some creativity tips Hollywood mega-producer Brian Grazer taught me, combined with a little research on other techniques to foster a creative mind.

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Exit Alert: Taking Profits Ahead of Earnings

Our best approach today is to lock down a solid gain from Village Farms International (NASDAQ: VFF) and take our risk into earnings off the table.

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Bitcoin Surges on Tariff Talks

The prospect of trade wars caused stock markets to sink ― but the crypto markets welcomed the news.

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Portfolio Update: Braving the Cannabis Storm

Making money in cannabis stocks isn't rocket science. But it does require a strong stomach, a willingness to tune out the fears of the irrational mob, and an appreciation for the fact that in the short-term, stock prices will trade based on investor sentiment.

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Sell Alert: STNE Cold Profits of 68%

We’re pocketing a huge 68% gain overnight!

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