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Attention Audiophiles: Reinvent Yourself Is Now Available on Audiobook!

I’ve reinvented my career, my interests, my life, many times over the past twenty years. This is the book I wish I had at the beginning of that long and often volatile journey.

And now the entire world: technology, governments, the shifting landscapes of opportunity and success, are all turning upside down, forcing us to reinvent as individuals and as a culture. Along my own journey I have read and encountered dozens of other successful leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, and mentors from whom I have learned the art of reinvention.

The journey has been intense. The obstacles were hard fought. And the adventures that led to me now finally sharing it all in this book have been both painful and exhilarating. I describe specific techniques, share stories, tell the stories of others, and give the ultimate guide to not only how but why it is critical for people to master the skills of reinvention.

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