In this service, we’ll focus on investing in legal marijuana stocks that are gaining traction in the budding cannabis market.

Specifically, we’ll be recommending tiny stocks from the marijuana market that can maximize our potential gains in the ever-changing and growing cannabis sector.

This unique research service will help you profit from legal marijuana stocks by investing at the ground floor before a company uplists to a major exchange.

By applying this brilliant income strategy to a carefully selected group of marijuana stocks, we’ll show you how to take advantage of the growing pot market — and generate cannabis-infused profits.

Now, the benefit of buying tiny stocks goes without saying. Stocks of small companies — especially in fast-growing markets like marijuana — can blast higher in a matter of days.

That’s why buying penny pot stocks will be an important part of our overall strategy. We can’t ignore the massive gains these stocks can generate.

Uplisting to major U.S. stock exchange ― like the NYSE or the Nasdaq — is a major catalyst for future growth.

After all, being uplisted to a major exchange comes with some major benefits.

For one, by moving to an exchange like the Nasdaq or NYSE, the ability for companies to raise money significantly increases. You see, companies that trade on a Canadian exchange — or the over-the-counter U.S. market — can find liquidity difficult.

The ability to raise $10 million, $20 million, or even $200 million comes at a great cost and a great risk. But by moving to a larger exchange ― or the big board(s) ― trading volume of a stock should increase, as well as acceptance of the business’ strength and proof of concept. Raising capital should also come easier.

Another benefit: Stock prices generally surge higher.

That’s what happened to both Village Farms (NASDAQ: VFF), a recent Nasdaq listing, and CannTrust (NYSE: CTST), an NYSE listing.

The companies did extremely well on their moves to the big boards.

And even though Tilray (NASDAQ: TLRY) and Canopy Growth (NYSE: CGC) did the same thing on a much smaller scale, the company’s gains were worth the same amount of money.

And that’s the thing ― the size of the company doesn’t matter.

Same goes for media attention.

Now, after witnessing all of these things happen time and time again, I’ve made it my mission to uncover these names in cannabis BEFORE they uplist to unlock the greatest profit margin for us.

What’s so enticing about investing in up-and-coming industries is the opportunity to get in at FANTASTIC prices. There are hundreds of young companies exploding onto the marijuana scene. And at microscopic prices, we can ride the coattails of their explosive growth stories.

Become a member of Altucher’s 420% Syndicate today and see what all the buzz is about.

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