Altucher’s Income Advantage is designed to provide you access to an area of the market that most investors are not aware of, but have historically provided some of the most consistent, safe, and life changing returns.

Right now, with distribution yields so low across the market and with the market at all-time highs, we need to find a solid set of assets that we feel will trade independently of the market but still have massive potential for upside gains.

How? By investing in an area of the market known as Closed-End Funds (CEF’s). Closed-end funds are a unique kind of investment that can provide savvy investors with a growth-and income-oriented alternative that combines many of the attributes of both stocks and bonds, being especially useful as part of a long-term portfolio.

A Closed-End Fund portfolio will allow you to have exposure to any area of the market, almost always at a discount and at times tax-free.

Right now is the perfect time to introduce this investment product, which we feel will have potential for gains, potential for high dividends, and is completely uncorrelated to the general stock market.

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