With the simple mantra of Choose Yourself, James was able to build a massive following of readers — and help people find new and unusual opportunities to generate inward success.

But now he wants to help people achieve the next step…

True financial freedom and independence.

He’s tapping into the skills he developed as a hedge fund manager and venture capitalist, and he’s ready to reveal every secret he’s ever learned about building wealth.

And he’s not alone. James is connected to the biggest players on Silicon Valley and Wall Street. Now he’s bringing those connections directly to readers with this new research service.

He gathered a team of investment experts and trading superstars to create Altucher’s Investment Network.

James and his inner circle will reveal their most explosive secrets about how to build wealth quickly and safely. They’ll share tips for navigating Wall Street, personal finance strategies, and tricks to boosting retirement income.

Along the way, they’ll uncover opportunities in the hottest investing trends, like biotech, cryptocurrencies, AI, marijuana, cybersecurity, and driverless cars.

Altucher’s Investment Network will help readers build a personal financial fortress that will help them live a life of abundance and true financial well-being.


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