I’ve been working on a code — an artificial intelligence algorithm — that delivers consistently profitable short-term trades… perfect for regular stock trading or for leveraging options for maximizing gains.

I even reached out to a mathematician and Harvard quantitative financial analyst to “stress test” the code using every market condition conceivable.

The jury is in: My finished program absolutely outperforms anything I’ve ever seen or done on Wall Street.

In some of our stress tests, we’re averaging 715% gains per week.

Even in market downturns, we’re STILL averaging 179% per week.

I call this new system “AlphaBrain.”

Each week, I’ll be doing three things for you in my Weekly AlphaBrain Alert service:

  1. I’m going to run my AlphaBrain algorithm to spot glitches in the stock market
  1. I’m going to send you a new trade first thing Wednesday morning
  1. And I’m going to send you an alert to close out your position — usually by the following Tuesday.

And because the profit window for AlphaBrain’s trades lasts seven days on average, I’m going to recommend buying options to potentially up your gains 100-fold, all while lowering your risk.

I’ll provide all the hands-on guidance that readers need to make these trades quickly, safely, and profitably.


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New trade recommendations are delivered via email and published online once a week. Additional updates and alerts are sent on an as-needed basis.