Investing in small value stocks has been the source of several fortunes. In fact, several of the world’s most successful investors began their career taking advantage of the bargains found in smaller stocks. These are the same types of stocks that Wall Street ignores, that we want to focus on and are likely to be the source of similar life changing profits in the future.

Over the past three decades I have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours exploring the methods top investors have used to produce high returns. I have read the groundbreaking academic studies (along with the very boring ones) in search of the tools needed to produce market beating, wealth building returns.

Wall Street’s favorite message for individual investors is that the financial markets are too complicated so most people should just leave the complex investing stuff to the professionals.

For a small fee, they say, we will take care of everything so you don’t have to concern yourself with all these fancy formulas and complex research.

Unfortunately, many people buy into that mystique, handing over their hard-earned money to pay for the beautiful office buildings and huge bonuses that most Wall Street firms pay their people as a result of all those “small” fees. The truth is you can do it all yourself and you’ll probably do a better job than these “pros,” especially when it comes to small-cap deep value investing.

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