What James Altucher Readers are Saying….

“Thank you for letting me be a part of the team! A friend talked me into investing in this adventure and I am glad I did. My portfolio has reached a 40% return to date!”

– Melissa R.

“I have been on the sidelines for the past year or so, watching cryptocurrencies and not quite having the confidence to jump in. Your handbook and investment advice gave me exactly the boost I needed to get going and I appreciate every piece of advice you have offered.”

– Mike E.

“I’m really excited to be a member of your Crypto Trader group and am looking forward to years of profitable trading with you and your partners.”

– Skip R.

“Thanks upfront for helping to open my eyes to the amazing opportunity of cryptocurrencies. It’s exciting stuff. What I really love about it is the spark it’s given me to invest in something new.”

– Simon T.

“I watched your webinar with great interest today. I dipped a toe into the crypto space just over a year ago and got my first ten-bagger!”

– Penny R.

“Thanks for the eye-opening broadcast. It truly changed my perspective about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.”

– Andy M.

“Great webinar yesterday, so informative. For the very first time, I had someone explain to me just why cryptocurrencies are the “future” of money. It makes complete sense and now I see why it is going to happen. I just thought it was a novelty and/or fad up till yesterday. Thank you so much.”

– Tom W.

“Thank you James!!! You are just top notch!!! So excited to follow your advice & enjoy a promising ride to the future. You are amazing!!! ”

– Jocelyn P

“Hello James and Kamal, I’m in your crypto group and just wanted to say thank you! The first newsletter exceeded my expectations. Very detailed and covered a broad range of topics. As someone new to the crypto world and with all the noise out there I really appreciated Kamal taking the time to fill us in on everything. Admittedly I had a pretty good freak out about the bitcoin/bitcoin cash situation but from now on I’ll remain calm and wait for word from you guys. I appreciate your mentorship and I’m with you for the long haul. ? I look forward the day when all of us students are cash/crypto rich and can get together somewhere and celebrate!”

– Lynda S.

“Thank you for your work and this great opportunity! It truly gives me the sense of being safely guided through a stormy sea.”

– Barb G.

“I want to just first thank you for taking the time to teach people like myself who are completely new to the whole cryptocurrency era, I’m really looking forward to learn how I can position myself to take advantage of this market.”

– Dimitrius A.

“Greetings from Switzerland! I just wanted to say “thank you” for sharing the information in your Crypto Trader Report. I really appreciate it. And I like the honest, authentic way you show yourself and the way you are with what is happening in your life. It is so genuine.”

– Gabriel M.

“I’ve been following James Altucher’s reports and they are very insightful. He has a wealth of knowledge on cryptocurrencies and is great at predicting the future.”

– Sateesh K.

“Crypto Trader is working out amazingly for me, up 89% in 6 weeks, so thanks!”

– Eddie R.

“My portfolio is already up 50%. Nice work!”

– Stephan A.

“Thanks for all your education, it’s awesome! I am excited to keep learning from you.”

– Franco L.

“Thanks for the Crypto Trader newsletter that I find useful.”

– Omar G.

“James and Kamal, I just wanted to thank you so much for bringing this wonderful resource to people like myself. I feel so excited about what is unfolding and being part of this. Not only with regard to the financial freedom which we can achieve with it. But I love even more the way it is happening – how you are teaching us about the industry and guiding us step by step in it. It feels SO empowering.”

– Deirdre M.

“I’m a subscriber to James’ Crypto Trader newsletter and I love it. I’ve learned so much from him.”

– Jeff G.

“Thanks again for a wonderful service! Clear and direct!”

– Barbro G.

“Hi James and team, I was one of the $1000 winners of the live Q&A event. I received my check today and wanted to say thanks again! It’s already been reinvested into a Crypto Trader subscription and my first currency purchases. I’m looking forward to more great info.”

– Josh Y.

“Thank you for this newsletter. I’m really enjoying learning about this exciting space, and doing some initial investments.”

– Donna Z.

“Great article!! Thanks also for the alert to sell LTC. Didn’t take the full 80% off the table but did clip a healthy amount of profit – THANKS!!”

– Greg S.

“Hi James ~ I’m so grateful that you are a guiding force in the pioneering phases of cryptocurrency!”

– Christine L.

“We’ve already tripled our investment in cryptocurrencies thanks to James’ advice and have become his (and cryptos) huge champions!”

– Theresa S.

“Your new partnership with Altucher/Crypto gives me peace that I have prayed for. I am following and trading based on your recommendations. My favorite part is I followed you and James long before there was $ involved. James also taught to me to choose myself. To have these tools to teach my boys is a true treasure. Thank you Kamal.”

– Jody L.

“I just bought my first cryptocurrency! $400 of bitcoin yesterday and $450 of ethereum. Keep the info coming. I’m learning a lot!”

– Ron P.

“Thank you so much for this newsletter/service, I have more than tripled my initial investment! Very grateful for your profitable recommendations and continued support”

– Julie S.

“I just wanted to take the time and thank you for your research, recommendations and all of the information you provided thus far. It has taught me and continues to teach me a lot with regards to cryptocurrency and investing opportunities.”

– Timothy C.

“I’ve been noticing you’ve been updating the portfolio page. That is a HUGE help to us. For me, it’s the one big reason I would want to re-up with your service. Keeping the portfolio up to date is a huge benefit, and sending periodic updates is a great addition. Thank you!”

– Gary B.

“The moment I saw your video I was completely blown away :). I want to invest in cryptocurrency and immediately invest my returns in all your programs because I find you more valuable than bitcoin :). I will follow you and see you as my financial guide, thank you :)”

– Santhi S.

“First I want to say thank you for your encouragement through the Crypto Trader program. I am brand new to this arena and very excited to increase my knowledge and financial aptitude. Backed by your knowledge and experience I hope to take advantage of being in the Wild West.”

– Matt S.

“I read the Handbook and it’s terrific. Great materials overall. Well done Kamal and James.”

– Jay K.

“Thank you for providing the Crypto Trader Report. I was one of the first to join and have made many thousands of dollars since your first report, enough to pay for my lifetime subscription many times over so again, thank you.”

– Gerry F.

“I am EXTREMELY excited to hear about the Opportunity Portfolio. Thank you! This is where the 100x returns could be hiding.”

– Nicholas T.

“Kamal, the update today was spot on (brilliantly written) and exactly what I was looking for. You answered my questions and then some. Also, the crypto website is looking great, you have all have been busy! I cannot come close to expressing the depth of my gratitude for you (and James) and this service. Thank you!”

– Stephanie P.

“Loving the newsletter. Thanks for the gains!!!”

– John S.

“Thanks for giving your subscribers their money’s worth. I intend to continue my membership.”

– Robert D.

“Dear James and Kamal, I love you guys because you break through the veil and make amazing opportunities open to ordinary people. I am also loving this crypto trader program because I am not an experienced investor yet and this is enabling me to be more disciplined in my approach.”

– Matt S.

“You and Kamal have already helped me understand and believe that cryptos are legit and we are in an early adoption phase. Very grateful for your collective wisdom in this evolving area.”

– Michael C.

“This is awesome insight into the depth and breadth of your life’s work to date! I have a much greater understanding of cryptocurrencies with your info. I’m 64 and a woman, daughter, sister, wife, mom, grandma with a precious life of loving hearts. I love what you’re creating and thank you for this offer. You’re worth it!”

– Joanne D.

“Many thanks for your continued support… love hearing from Kamal with his emails or videos ?

– Rosemary C

“Thank you James for giving back to us with lesser income. You are also entertaining and fun to listen to. Your intelligence speaks for itself. Steve and I are so looking to you and your team’s help.”

– Mary and Steve M.

“Let me express my gratitude. I’ve made my initial investment and then some. A big hug to James and the whole team!”

– Doug J.

“3k in 2 weeks!”

– Matt G.

“Made a few hundred dollars on TECK”

– Josh L.

“It’s my most profitable newsletter that I read so far. I love how it’s also teaching some fundamentals in the discussion.”

– Chris S.

“I love the service, and I love being a part of the Alliance. Thank you James and the rest of the Altucher Alliance.”

– Bek L.

“I have followed James for 10 years. His success speaks for itself. I follow his lead and trust him 100% with my money. As a result, I’m sitting on 148% gains for 2017.”

– Pat M.

“Daily applicable actional trades for cash flow”

– James S.

“You don’t need a big account to get started! Make the first move!”

– Michelle S.

“Excellently honest.”

– Cynthia G.

“I think this is worth a punt. Take a look.”

– Shane L.

“It’s great having the constant updates.”

– Justin F.

“3 Minute Daily Trade provides easy to follow instructions on low-risk, medium-reward stock opportunities.”

– Agatha A.

“It’s constructed in a simple and easy to follow format.”

– Miles D.

“The best moneymaker on the planet!”

– Bob B.

“I made a $500 profit on the WB trade”

– Ellen G.

“The service is a great generator of daily ideas and identifies chart-based momentum trades that are difficult for an individual investor to uncover.”

– Scott F.

“This has been a winner thus far.”

– Emily G.

“Glad to say it made me money on my 1st trade! I put approx. 3k in and made a cool 7% or so :)”

– Scott A.

“I have been buying about 50% of the Daily Trade when it hits the price you recommend. It has been successful so far.”

– Jessica Z.

“If you want to trade without having to look at charts all day long and have DFY buy sell points from a seasoned pro to compound your wealth, this is it!”

– Amy A.

“It is a good quick trade to make some decent returns.”

– Daniel M.

“15% gains. About 2 weeks held. Love the strategy.”

– Curtis P.

“We’re up 200k (we invested 80k) and hoping for a lot more in the years ahead.”

– Marissa C.

“If you want to be more “hands on” with new things to look into each day, this program is for you.”

– Hannah H.

“It’s a great opportunity to make extra money.”

– Dillon S.

“3 Minute Daily Trade makes it easy to pick stocks. Research already done for you.”

– Timothy C.

“James is brilliant and I trust him. I enjoy learning from him and the learning is paying off financially.”

– Jim R.

“3 Minute Daily Trade is perfect for me because the trades are short term. The daily emails are a real confidence booster, and help me execute as directed.”

– Daniel L.

“I love Altucher’s financial services because they help you learn and improve your finances without paying a middle man a % of your gains.”

– Adam S.

“I look forward to reading the Daily Trade pick each day. I get at least one recommendation from a well informed expert each day.”

– Sarah S.

“Best research by far!”

– Janet W.

“Easy to follow trades that produce good returns.”

– Larry R.

“About 10-20% in less than 20 days for some of my investments.”

– Rich R.

“I made 8% on WB in less than two weeks. I’ve also made 20% on BB in three weeks.”

– Shamil S.

“Just follow the instructions and you are fine, easy man!”

– Logan T.

“An experienced trader provides daily recommendations that are well researched and have provided consistent gains”

– Patricia P.

“Information provided gives great suggestions, with background material to give a head start on trading decisions.”

– Angie S.

“Up 30% in one month using James Crypto advice.”

– David R.

“I would highly recommend 3 Minute Daily Trade. James Altucher has some interesting ideas and seems extremely knowledgeable.”

– Phyllis R.

“Great service to get daily perspective of market and opportunities backed up with a viewpoint and data.”

– Helena T.

“I’ve closed positions with a net $5K profit. I’ve followed all trade ideas and have a number of positions open currently. Nice start.”

– Kathleen W.

“Made 17% in 15 days!”

– Matt R.

“You need to check out this service. I love the approach and the short concise information each morning. Since starting 4 weeks ago I am up 10% on the money I have committed this program and continue to add to my commitment.”

– Jonas F.

“James, my heart overflows with gratitude. I sincerely regret not being able to come to your ping pong event in November, but hope you will have another one someday, and if you’re ever down in Miami and feel like hanging out with one of your biggest fans, or just go for a boat ride around Biscayne Bay, let me know.”

– Oliver P.

“Thank you for bringing this program to the thousands of people that follow you. I am a member of the Altucher Alliance and I am loving the program so far.”

– Taiwo A.

“I recently purchased the Altucher’s Alliance program and my husband and I absolutely LOVE James and his program. We have watched all videos, news interviews, etc. We love the way James is so personable and down to Earth. He talks like an everyday hometown person instead of a scary investor elite. Most investing jargon is way over my head but I totally get what he says, the way he says it. I did sell of 80% of my litecoin and made out good. The part I’m most excited about is the Secret Income section.”

– Karon B.

“I have been a huge fan of this service and everything else published under the Altucher name. I became a paid-up Alliance member within moments of it becoming available. I have been really enjoying all of the newsletters and had a great time attending the event in NYC!”

– Mike W.

“Remark (MARK) (an oldie but goodie) is up over 250%. Also, a few weeks ago you mentioned MGT Investments (MGTI). I decided to take a chance on it since the owner McAfee has had previous success. Well it is up over 70%. Yahoo! And thank you for the Hortonworks recommendation I collected my 50% profits yesterday. Last but not least, your appearance on Squawk Alley was simply superb! Thanks for everything James.”

– Sue C.

“Reading the James Altucher Report every month is a great experience. Thanks James Altucher for sharing these gems!”

– Daniele F.

“I went from 42 cents to my name last year to a six figure digital nomad within 18 months, due to James’ many strategies.”

– Beck P.

“Thank you, James. I subscribed to the Altucher Report due to your expertise in crypto investing and my desire to learn that industry. Today, your encouragement has lifted my spirits and made me believe again.”

– Russell T.

“James, you’re one of the few contemporary writers I have come to believe.”

– Ray K.

“I signed up for the Altucher Report and so far I have read everything top to bottom twice. Your writing has come into my life at a time when things are in flux for me, the subjects in your writings about money, business, habits, relationships, minimalism, IDEAS are really resonating in my life now.”

– Stephanie M.

“In a nutshell, you make success sound achievable. It’s a wonderful gift that you have. It is rare and unique, as I have not seen it anywhere else. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world. I feel empowered and that I can make ideas into bite sized steps. I jotted down ideas to drive traffic to my parents’ business which I think I can monetize a few ways. I’m excited!”

– Nicole W.

“Like you, I am working to improve 1% a day and your insights, podcast and services are a part of that.”

– Jon S.

“Keep being YOU – you have so much to offer and I have learned so much from your newsletters.”

– Selena L.

“I’ve been reading James Altucher and am blown away, changed and inspired by becoming an idea machine.”

– Share R.

“You guys are amazing! Just read Crypto 101 and it was brilliant and illuminating! Can’t wait to devour more material!”

– Marquis M.

“Finally! A membership that WOWs and gives me a platform to aspire to as I grow my own online biz! Join once, get lifetime membership, fresh content and all the books you write. Now that’s value. THANK YOU.”

– Kathy G.

” After recently joining James’ membership, I’m so inspired. After a rough three years – divorced, heart and financially broken, I’m living authentically on my terms. I’m encouraged by his transparency. Loved the crypto training – it was the BEST and really helped me understand this historical moment in the new world of currencies.”

– Sunny P.

“I am a subscriber of ‘The Altucher Report’ and ‘Crypto Trader’ and I have watched your Crypto Series Videos and the free books you provided as part of the membership. I love your writing style and your deep understanding of the subjects you write.”

– Raghav G.

“I am a regular listener of your podcast and a subscriber to the Altucher Report. I really admire the work you do in educating people in the style of the strategy “Choose Yourself”.”

– Nikolay M.

“I just joined and I watched the entire 6-part video series on cryptocurrencies. Very eye-opening! Finally! Someone explained it all in a way I could understand! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am still very new at this but feel much more informed after your video. That was worth the subscription price right there altogether!”

– Andrew K.

“James, what a great story and breath of fresh air from someone who really has been there, was a big enough man to realize his mistakes, to pick himself up, gain real focus on what is important (family) and rebuild yourself from scratch. I look forward to reading your advice, principals and forecasts and wish you continued success with your daughters, your family, and all of your endeavors .”

– Robert S.

“Thank YOU for the programs you have put together to help people learn and apply strategies and techniques that actually help them improve their lives!”

– Mark S.

“Your book is fantastic! It’s changing the way I think. Already up $1500 from a small investment I made. Keep doing you!”

– Katie M.

“Thank you for your added content. I look forward to reading and watching about cryptocurrencies!”

– Judith D.

“First of all I want to thank you for your work and efforts which you share with us. Thanks to your books, podcast, blog and articles I really reinvented myself in the last 1-1.5 years.”

– Tarkan A.

“I’m looking forward to reading your material for many years to come!”

– Vicki L.

“I love your writing and books. My favorite thing you share is future trends and investing ideas. Thanks for all your hard work.”

– Jon S.

“I love James and basically anything he publishes. Thank you for your service… I’m a fan and thanks for breaking down investing for me.”

– Irenie P.

“Over the past year I’ve turned again and again to a few virtual mentors, in particular James Altucher. This book (Reinvent Yourself) gave me the courage to leave my secure job and most of my possessions to move to Tokyo, and to start sharing my thoughts even though it terrifies me every time I do it. I highly recommend getting a copy as you’ll want to keep going back to it for motivation. Thank you James for inspiring me and millions of others with your honesty and courage.”

– Sarah R.

“James is unique, controversial and extremely intuitive as to what works in the business and financial fields.”

– John W.

“Hi James, your books are incredible. Please write more of them. Choose Yourself was so good that I read it, then read again right after.”

– Daniel W.

“Amazing narration, absolutely useful for readers. Hats off.”

– Neman A.

“I’ve already made twice as much money from the Altucher Report as it cost to subscribe. James Altucher is a genius.”

– Graeme Thompson

“Hi James I bought your newsletter today and went through all six episodes of the Masterclass. I couldn’t stop listening. Thanks for your work!”

– Dan L.

“James, I just subscribed to the Altucher Report… thank you for the wonderful things that I’m currently learning thank you!”

– Annejuliena J.

“Your content is awesome Mr. Altucher. I subscribed to your Altucher Report and have been obsessed with the content, especially the Crypto Corner. You know the worth of your work. Merry Christmas!!”

– Trevor D.

“I am very grateful that I have been blessed by finding Choose Yourself Financial!!! You and your team have so much financial wisdom and you share it with others so that everyone involved benefits. Woohoo!”

– Cynthia W.

“I am indeed elated at the Altucher Report I just subscribed to. I have gone through the 6 videos of the Masterclass and also read your book, Cryptocurrency 101, and I must say the content is really educative and revealing. I don’t have any regrets subscribing to this Report.”

– Dayo S.

“I love all your stuff and I subscribed to the Altucher Report. Did a quick analysis on the stock recos for 2017. Spot on with them for the most part with a 12% return. Thanks for sharing all your expertise and wish you an awesome 2018.”

– Vineesh S.

“I love the new look of the Altucher Report – clean, modern, easy to read. The fact that you keep improving yourself and your products is commendable. Keep up the good work and thanks for all that you do.”

– Mark M.

“I just want to say I admire your personal growth stories as much as your financial advice. Life is a balance of many things with adjustments daily. I am glad I found you and look forward to your journey.”

– Steven G.

“I am excited after years of following you to finally have access to some of your knowledge through your Altucher Report newsletter.”

– Zane B.

“Thank you for being courageous, persevering, original and genuine. You are an inspiration for me. Keep at it, you’re doing great.”

– Mykah C.

“I’ve been reading James Altucher’s content and I’m blown away/changed/inspired by becoming an Idea Machine. This stuff works and it’s life changing.”

– Share R.

I seriously love how much James Altucher talks about failure. It’s incredibly inspiring and healing.”

– Christine G.

“Beautiful post today from James Altucher on running towards the people, places and things which lift you up and bring you great Joy. Thanks James!”

– Aaron K.

“James Altucher really helped me understand life’s impermanence through his own life experiences.”

– Christine A.

“If you’re stuck and looking to make changes in your life I highly recommend reading Reinvent Yourself.”

– Robert L.

“I follow James on his blog and podcast. He’s unique, controversial and extremely intuitive as to what works in the business and financial fields.”

– John W.

“I loved Reinvent Yourself and James’ style.”

– Deborah S.

“Everytime you write, I selfishly think it’s just for me. And it’s always welcome, and usually punches my soul. Thank you for spilling your guts all over the glowing screen. It’s made my life a lot better.”

– Chip F.

“Your writing has been an inspiration to me as I have left my corporate job to make my own choices and start my own business as well. Great to hear your story in person. Keep up the great work! You were a disruptor before disrupting was cool. Most of all I love the authentic voice in which you write. I have tried to emulate you in this way the best I can.”

– Paul C.

“Love the authenticity James. Thanks for continuing to share great information on your podcast. Love your ‘passionate curiosity’ style of interviewing. Wishing you health and contentment.”

– Dylan W.

“I love your honesty whether it’s in your books, podcasts or videos. You’re true to yourself. This authenticity is what put you on my top 5 best writers.”

– Rafik M.

“James you’ve been an inspiration as I reinvent myself! I’m currently doing something entirely idiotic, and I think it’ll be okay!! Thank you!”

– Corey H.

“I just discovered you recently and I think your book has already inspired positive change in my life. Thank you :)”

– Seth Z.

“Thanks for sharing your story! I really enjoy hearing your perspective.”

– Joshua C.

“James, I am deeply grateful for the stories that you share openly, unedited, and from the heart. They are moving and incredibly educational and insightful. Thank you.”

– Gary S.

“An example for everybody… Thank you James…”

– Gianmarco T.

“Just what I needed to read just when I needed to read it. Thanks James.”

– Gill S.

“Your writing is truly impacting me to come out of the bad phase I am going through. Keep spreading positiveness.”

– Mira I.

“I say thanks to James Altucher for writing ‘Choose Yourself’ and explaining how he went from the lowest of lows to the best years of his life.”

– Michael R.

“Thank you for being a constant source of motivation and for helping me find the courage to publish my very first piece of content! I listen to your podcast all the time and it really helps me be a better version of me. Much appreciated!”

– Erin S.

“No doubt Altucher’s writing style captures your attention for an enjoyable read. Everyone likes a good story and he has shared many to invite us to contemplate our secret longings for the life we want to live. If you’re ever in a funk or just plain complacent about life, his words invite disruption. Well worth reading.”

– Rhonda D.

“I DO NOT READ! However, I couldn’t stop reading Choose Yourself!!!!”

– Cathy B.

“I started subscribing to James Altucher at the beginning of 2017 and have had ZERO regrets! Great information in your free and paid subscriptions, James! Thanks for removing the pain and making things simple.”

– Brandon G.

“I bought your newsletter today and went through all six episodes of the Masterclass. I couldn’t stop listening. Thanks for your work!”

– Dan L.

“Choose Yourself by James Altucher will change your life.”

– Deena M.

“James Altucher is awesome! Choose Yourself is a great book and he has made some really good podcast episodes. Keep up the good work. Thanks James.”

– Mica R.

“I love reading and getting into your heart. Many of what you’ve encountered parallels my experiences. I love your boldness to be vulnerable.”

– Auntie L.

“Man… I love your story, your books, your humor and most importantly… your desire to achieve. Thank you for sharing your life with others. It gives people hope that whatever they are enduring, it’s only temporary. Keep the drive alive!”

– Callum P.

“If you’re not following James Altucher you should be. His podcast (and blog, books, etc.) are so refreshingly authentic. He’s the real deal! Check him out.”

– Jim S.

“I am THRILLED with this new service. I am embarked on this new adventure with you and am enjoying the “magic” of put selling.”

– Huntley H.

“Thanks for offering Altucher’s Secret Income! I’m a real novice at this and am truly grateful for your help!”

– Cindy K.

“I’m very impressed with your Secret Income service and am getting a lot of motivation and learning from it.”

– Glenn A.

“Hi James, this is a great update and really helps to give us an overview of the Secret Income strategy. Really educational.”

– Alex L.

“Just put in my first Secret Income sell order! It feels great James. I feel well diversified and on-track.”

– Jason H.

“Selling puts has made me about $1500 for the year.”

– Wendy W.

“As of late November, my performance was: gross profit $6,210 on $108,051 capital, for a 3-month gross performance of 5.75%”

– Juan G.

“I have averaged $400 a week for 17 weeks. Thanks!”

– Sven H.

“I made 2,800 on puts. One transaction. Thank you.”

– Grace F.

“700 dollars on the AMD trade. The principle is amazing.”

– Annabelle S.

“I’ve been averaging $2-3k per week from your recommendations.”

– George C.

“I think James Altucher is very smart and has excellent recommendations.. Give him a try.”

– Jerry S.

“Yes, this is a great opportunity to be free and live your life how you choose.”

– Joseph S.

“Great recommendations. Timely and straight forward advice. Thanks.”

– Ross B.

“Thank you James! I made over $8,000 on your recommendation of overstock.com as a crypto play using options.I love your service!”

– Paul S.

“I have been a member for almost a month and have made around 1,500 dollars!”

– Angie B.

“By all means check out James Altucher’s Secret Income program. He will help you make BIG BUCKS..”

– Andy D.

“Secret Income is a money making machine, great passive income stream with little time investment. Very easy to learn. Just need some spare cash to buy some shares, but the returns are huge. It’s a service I want to keep for life.”

– Marty G.

“” Secret Income” is my favorite of all the Altucher reports I receive as an Alliance member. Thanks James!!!”

– Diane C.

“James gives sound investment advice and is on top of his game. Why pay some pretend guy to do your investing at some financial institution when you can learn to do this from the comfort of your home with James’ help.”

– Kevin P.

“I loved the Microcap welcome report. It is quite informational. Thank you team, I learned a lot about microcaps just by reading this one article. Looking forward to reading more.”

– Krishna R.

“I appreciate the long-term deep value investing philosophy of the service, as well as the varying types of stocks in the portfolio and open-minded views of the market.”

– Robert A.

“This guy knows what he is talking about. I am relying heavily on his information to make money in the stock market.”

– James S.

“Great customer service, and great expectations.”

– Kyle H.

“They do the research for you, very thorough.”

– Bek W.

“James will do the hard work for you. You have the luxury of reviewing his picks and selecting what you like. James narrows down the immense workload of finding possible success stories.”

– Patrick M.

“James has come up with some recommendations that are outside the box. The articles & research behind the picks are always entertaining and informative. I’ve come to respect and appreciate his honesty about whatever it is he’s talking about.”

– Hannah C.

“Unique, original approach. You can think for yourself and do what you think is right!”

– Chloe C.

“If you really want to apply value investing and have a big opportunity for big gains then Top 1% Microcap is a great place to learn about companies with major growth potential.”

– Matthew G.

“I am enjoying being a 1% Advisory Lifetime member. Thanks for all the hard work. I must say, having written a blog for 9 years and having written more than 1.5 million words, you are one of the most prolific writers I have ever followed.”

– Brian C.

“Hi James, All of your stock picks are exploding (even Remark is up 100%. I can’t believe it!) I don’t even know what to say except thank you for this amazing ride!”

– Suzanne C.

“Top 1% Advisory is a no-brainer. We aren’t just given a ticker and told to invest. We are given a back story and loads of valuable information about each company/investment. By the time I get done reading the advice from James I feel like an expert financial consultant.”

– Mark H.

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