Your Reinvention Stories Inspired Me

Last week, I wrote about my process for reinvention and why it is such a critical part of my life. Then I asked you about what you did to reinvent yourself recently. I got tons of responses (too many to print, but I read all of them). Thank you all for sharing your stories with me. Here were a few in particular that really inspired me. I hope they inspire you, too.

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We’re living in a new generation of employment. The corporate system that most people thought they were safe in is ending. It’s dying. Today, it’s no longer a choice of “should I be an entrepreneur or an employee?” We’re all entrepreneurs. And our product is ourselves. Our time. Our energy. Our dedication and commitment. The goal of The Altucher Report is simple: to help you break through the noise and find success in today’s new information economy. So that you are able to Choose Yourself.

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